Darling, you are magic.

I collaborated with my friend, Arielle Estoria, writer, speaker, and creative because we believe in a creative God and we believe in celebrating the magic of women.

“When I say that someone is magic- when I say that YOU are magic, I know that I’m not saying anything new, but maybe it’s just the first time you’re hearing it. When I say that you are magic (all hocus-pocus aside), I’m saying that you were hand crafted with intention, with purpose, with marvel and wonder. That the glitter and gold in the world- all the treasure and wonders we consider to be magical and divine are placed inside of YOU because you were created by THE DIVINE! I’m saying that someone sees you every single day with a sparkle in His eyes because He is so in awe of who you are and who He’s created you to be. Body and soul, God created you marvelously. You don’t just have magic, darling, you are magic.” - Arielle Estoria