New Day Fresh Start

How was your yesterday?

Mine was a bit scattered. Too much time on social media. Felt tired and a bit off. I had a hard time with my 7 year old, arguing and yelling, lots of apologies and hugs from me. Was not productive, but feeling overwhelmed.

Of course there was good amongst the negative; like building a fort with my daughter complete with sparkling, twinkle lights, a warm sunshine drenched day, ocean view park dates with friends, and puppy kisses, but the hardness of yesterday felt heavier than the joy.

So since we’ve shared our yesterdays, how is today going? The same?

I knew I had to make a change, and give myself a fresh start so I woke before the sunrise, tiptoeing around and brewed up some hot coffee in the quiet hours before my family woke and the hustle started. I opened my bible and refreshed my heart and soul with truth and turned my thoughts upward instead of inward. At about 7 when everyone came stumbling out of their slumber, my words were more patient, my spirit lighter and my lookout on the day was positive and hopeful.

I am not a morning person (the people who know me best know this about me!) They’ve somehow talked me into 5:45 am spin classes knowing full well I will be grumpy and quiet. My best friend on girls trips purposely shares a bed with me so she can poke me in the morning and ask me to order coffee. My old boss knew not to talk to me before 10 am. I’m telling you I would much rather be slowly awoken, be brought coffee in bed and lay there for a solid 30 mins before I got up to start my day. BUT I have found, when I do wake before the sun, centering my heart on truth, is when the goodness shows up and chases after me all day long.

So even though yesterday was heavy. Yesterday hurt. Yesterday was chaos. We can easily stay in the yesterday, waking in the morning to the feelings of yesterday; not feeling strong enough to overcome what has been said or done. We can overthink something we said, feel awful for yelling at the kids, stressed about the amount of work to be done, sad over a loss, frustrated with feeling stuck, or we can rise up and begin the day with a fresh start ;looking at a new opportunity for joy, goodness, mercy and strength!



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