Count it all Joy

This phrase has been tumbling around in my thoughts; giving me gut punches when I want to downward spiral, and comforting my heart when discouragement, anxiety and doubt threatens my peace and joy. The question that swirls around in my head; Is it really possible to “count it all joy” in the midst of difficulty? Can we truly find hope and happiness when our daily lives have been utterly changed and disrupted by trials or hardships of any kind, leaving us in a state of not knowing what the future holds? I believe the answer is yes.

Have you ever have had one of those days that when it rains it pours? I have; just a couple weeks ago. You know one of those days where you're almost on the verge of laughing because what else can you do? Cry?

Some wise words from one of my besties rang through my ears that day as everything seemed to be going wrong around me, “Maybe He’s allowing us to go through one of our biggest fears because He wants to show us how He’ll get us through it.” Nothing totally major happened that day, but it still stunk. But maybe, just maybe God was trying to teach me that He’s always in control, that He is faithful even in the small things, and I can trust that no matter my own worries or fears He will meet me in them and show me exactly how He will work it out for good. In the famous words of one of my besties, (who spoke those words above,) “Is that you Lord?!”

We're capable of doing both the hard and the holy things, they can coexist because joy and beauty are always out there if we seek it out. What are you finding joy in today; no matter what your circumstance is? Once you know what that thing is, do it intentionally a few times this week and see how your heart overflows...

Because joy is a choice despite the circumstance.

Joy is the confidence that the despair will lift.

Joy becomes faith lived out not in fear, but in hope and peace.

And joy creates positive expectations and is an expression of the good that arises in us produced by trials.


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