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A photoshoot in my living room...

Yesterday we set up a mini photoshoot in my living room. Yes, I work from home, usually in between school day hours and bedtimes and wake ups. I’m a wife and mom first, so a lot of times the behind the scenes work happens at home with kids running all about questioning what I’m doing and why, needing another snack, and getting in the middle of shoots, ink, and emails. It’s hard somedays to keep their sticky fingers and crumbs off whatever I’m working on. I actually found my four year old laying in a huge box of blank t-shirts when I got home from an early morning spin class at 6:30 a.m.

The part I love most, is that they get to watch me pursue a dream. They get to be a part of something I enjoy and am passionate about. They get to see that not only am I their mom, I’m also a woman with a goal, a dream and a business; using the God given gifts I’ve been blessed with to share truth and love with all of you. I get to show them that hard work is worth it and that you can achieve big things for God on this side of heaven if you just push past the fear and go for it.

I only hope that it fuels their desires to do the same in whatever direction their life goes…

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