A new space...

I'd like to introduce to you, our journal. It’s a lifestyle blog which focuses on faith and inspirational living. I created this space to share tips in both style and business, relatable everyday experiences, and faith based encouraged words. In this season, I’ve been slowing things down and finding what inspires me and challenged myself to stop and think about the mission and goals for Love Bug Threads. In that space, I was reminded of a time when I loved to write; journaling, poetry, and essays were a creative outlet for me. I’m ready to embark on a new adventure under Love Bug Threads and jump into the fear of letting others read my words.

My hope is that the journal will be a place you can find inspiration on living a life filled with truth, love, faith and inspired living. A place where we can come together; being lifted up while we live out our best, intentional lives.

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